Eternal Harmony Soundtrack, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God is the companion soundtrack to the book.

Eternal Harmony Soundtrack

To listen to one or all of the songs on the Eternal Harmony Soundtrack, just click on the song link(s) below! The lyric sheets are included in the Eternal Harmony book.

The soundtrack may also be downloaded through iTunes and many other popular outlets, including Apple Music and Spotify. The CD and MP3 formats of the soundtrack are also available for purchase through Amazon.

Brief Product Description:

Eternal Harmony Soundtrack, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God features the following twelve original songs:

The lyric sheets to the above twelve songs are incorporated into the text of the book, usually at the end of the chapters.



Here in My Life, a duet featuring Catherine LeBlanc, is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Meaning of Life, a duet featuring Marika Dreyfus, is available on iTunes and Spotify

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