Eternal Harmony, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God

The first volume of the Eternal Harmony series of books, entitled Eternal Harmony, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God,  is now available for purchase through the following outlets:

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WestBow Press

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Brief Product Description:

Eternal Harmony, Volume 1: The Unity of Truth in God demonstrates decisively the convergence of God-made religion and genuine science in the unity of truth in God. The Tower of Modern Scientism is concurrently demolished so that not one scientistic stone is left standing upon another. The Christian worldview is shown to be the supreme scientific as well as religious worldview.

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To “get the story behind the story,” listen to TogiNet Radio’s 20 minute podcast interview of Dr. Rickards on November 13, 2016. Just click on the link and then click on the Play button.

A brief (45 second) advertisement of Eternal Harmony aired on Family Life Radio with Johnny and Stacey Stone.

You may also see the March 31, 2017 Skype interview/debate (76 minutes) between Dr. Ron R. Rickards and atheists John Hamill and Seamus of The Free Thought Prophet, entitled “‘The Unity of Truth in God’ Episode #62 with Dr Ron R Rickards” either here on The Free Thought Prophet website or here on YouTube. Some key topics of the book are discussed. Please feel free to leave comments on either or, preferably, both web pages.


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