Table of Contents


PART 1: The Truth War

Chapter 1: The Truth That Sets Us Free
1.1. The God of Truth
1.1.1. Truth Defined
1.2. From Common to Higher Ground
1.2.1. Reclaiming True Truth
1.2.2. Higher Common Ground
1.3. Onward and Upward: Running the Good RACE of Grace
1.3.1. Truth Refined
1.3.2. Truth Assigned
1.3.3. Truth Combined
1.3.4. Truth Enshrined

Chapter 2: The Way and the Truth and the Life
2.1. The Way of Truth
2.1.1. Reclaiming Both Scientific and Biblical Truth
2.1.2. How to Avoid Becoming a Pseudoscientist
2.1.3. The Way of Truth in Science
2.1.4. The Way of Truth in Religion
2.1.5. How to Avoid Becoming a Pseudo-Religionist
2.2. The Way of Life
2.2.1. The Hard Teachings of Jesus
2.2.2. On Being and Nothingness

Chapter 3: The Highest Ground
3.1. Breaking the Secret Codes
3.1.1. Breaking the Codes of the Illusionists
3.1.2. Breaking the Codes of “A Universe from Nothing”
3.1.3. On Fields and Quantum Fields
3.2. On the Being of Being and the Nothingness of Nothing
3.2.1. Blowing Away the Dense White Smoke of Particle Physics
3.2.2. From Whence the Dense White Smoke Came
3.2.3. Shattering the Mirrors of “A Universe from Nothing”
3.2.4. The Multiverse of the Gaps
3.2.5. Honesty, Transparency, and Full Disclosure
3.2.6. Peekaboo Physics vs. “A Universe from Quantum Fields”
3.2.7. Hide or Seek
3.2.8. The Pink Elephant in the Room
3.3. God Is God

PART 2: God Is God

Chapter 4: The One True God
4.1. First Things First: God Is God
4.1.1. The Question behind All Questions
4.1.2. God’s Eternal Perfection and Glory
4.2. The Incomprehensibility of God
4.2.1. God Is God and Man Is Man
4.2.2. What the Incomprehensibility of God Means
4.2.3. What the Incomprehensibility of God Does Not Mean
4.2.4. On Human Sin and Human Weakness

Chapter 5: The Unity of Truth in God
5.1. Breaking Free from the Shackles of Modern Scientism
5.1.1. Childhood Musings
5.1.2. For Your Information
5.1.3. On Information and Informationalism
5.1.4. Taking a Good Second, Third, and Fourth Look at a DVD
5.2. Chiasmic Cosmology
5.2.1. Cosmology with a Capital C
5.2.2. The Cosmic Showdown
5.2.3. Maslow’s Hammer and the Kenosis of Chiasmic Cosmology
5.2.4. The Cosmic Tree of Existence and the Unity of Truth in God
5.2.5. Stereoscopic and Cyclopean Visions of True Truth

PART 3: Man Is Man

Chapter 6: Who We Are in Adam
6.1. We Were Created in Glory: The Imago Dei in Overview
6.1.1. The Unity of Truth in God in Genesis 1
6.1.2. The Tripartite Nature of Man and Its Degeneration
6.1.3. The Aftermath of Three Centuries of Scientism
6.1.4. The Holy Bible as an Owner’s Manual and the Imago Dei
6.2. We Were Clothed in Glory: The Imago Dei Completed
6.2.1. The Most Blessed Dawn of Eve
6.2.2. Thee I Love
6.2.3. The Greatest Love of All
6.2.4. Sacred Blueprints of Spiritual Truths
6.3. We Are Fallen: The Imago Dei Shattered
6.3.1. The Heart of the Matter
6.3.2. Paradise Lost
6.3.3. We Are Taller When We Bow
6.3.4. A Clipped Rose by Any Other Name

Chapter 7: Echoes of Eden
7.1. Farewell to Eden: Picking up the Shattered Pieces of Our Hearts
7.1.1. The Protevangelium
7.1.2. God’s Holy and Just Judgments upon Eve and Adam
7.1.3. Physical Death Is the Gateway to Paradise or Hades
7.2. Expulsion from Eden and the Regeneration of Our Fallen Hearts
7.2.1. On God-Made Religion and Man-Made Religions
7.2.2. Light, Darkness, and the Impending Kingdom of Light
7.2.3. The Inherent Darkness of Man-Made Religions
7.2.4. True Freedom Is in Christ Alone
7.2.5. The Shedding of Innocent Blood for the Remission of Sins
7.3. Life after Eden: Eternal Salvation and Faith-Righteousness
7.3.1. The Absolute Incompatibility of Holiness and Sin
7.3.2. How Should We Then Live?
7.3.3. What Saith the Scripture?
7.3.4. The Parable of the Wedding Banquet
7.3.5. Vicarious Atonement by Substitutionary Sacrifice
7.3.6. The Suffering Servant and Vicarious Atonement
7.3.7. God-Righteousness and Faith-Righteousness
7.3.8. It’s a Matter of Truth and Trust
7.3.9. Beware of Man-Made Christianity
7.3.10. We Enter God’s Home on God’s Terms Alone

Chapter 8: History Is His Story to God’s Glory
8.1. The Inherent Insufficiency of God-Forsaking Knowledge
8.1.1. The Absolute Infinitude of God and Creatio ex Nihilo
8.1.2. Weighing the Scientistic Worldview on the Balance of Truth
8.1.3. The Creator Is the Crucified
8.1.4. On Limited, One-Sided, Materialism-Based Worldviews
8.1.5. Modern Science Rediscovers the Tree of Knowledge
8.2. Recovering the True, Biblical Conception of History
8.2.1. God-Centered History is Meaningful and Purposeful
8.2.2. The Judeo-Christian Helical View of History
8.2.3. God’s Providence over History
8.2.4. God’s Everlasting Covenants with Man
8.3. History Is His Story
8.3.1. The Profound Purpose and Eternal Meaning of History
8.3.2. The Spiritual Harvest of History within the Covenant of Love
8.3.3. History Is His Story to God’s Glory

Chapter 9: Union and Communion with Christ
9.1. Who We Are in Christ
9.1.1. The Remedy for Man’s Fall: The Last Adam
9.1.2. Noah’s Ark and Eternal Salvation in Christ Jesus Alone
9.1.3. Believers’ Lives Are Hidden Securely with Christ Jesus in God
9.2. Who the Christ in Us Is
9.2.1. Some Sobering Statistics
9.2.2. The Light Still Shines in the Darkness
9.2.3. The Protorevelation of Christ’s Humanity and Deity
9.2.4. The Deity of the God-man, Jesus Christ
9.3. Weighing Sin and Salvation on the Balance of Truth
9.3.1. The Mathematics and Dynamics of Sin
9.3.2. The Mathematics and Dynamics of Salvation
9.4. The Consummation of All Things in the Unity of Truth in God
9.4.1. On Measurement
9.4.2. On Fine-Tuning and Fine-Detuning
9.4.3. The Ongoing Clash of Worldviews
9.4.4. Grand Unifications in Christ Jesus

Chapter 10: Hands of God
10.1. Hands of God
10.1.1. Hands of God (Short Story)
10.1.2. The God of New Beginnings

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